Crisis, as South Africa is heading for serious food shortage


South Africa is heading for an enormous food crisis due to the uncertain conditions that farmers are currently experiencing whilst trying to maintain their production.

It’s not just the uncertainty about land theft that makes farmers hesitate to produce, but the lack of government clarity on the issues. Farmers say they cannot incur high input costs and then hear that their farm will be seized by government for black empowerment.

It doesn’t end there either, as there is a huge water crisis in the country. In addition to the Vaal Dam, which has become a sewage dam, there are at least 130 or more water cases filed in court against the government, which means millions of Rand’s in court charges.

With the billions of outstanding debt that municipalities have to settle to the Water Board, the infrastructure is also a cause for concern, as the decay is clear to everyone, and no one moves a finger to prevent it from collapsing further.

The factors, plus the danger of natural causes such as flooding, droughts, hail storms and heavy frosts, with which the farmer has to face each season, food security is at an ever greater risk, adding to an unfriendly government towards agriculture, then the crisis becomes just bigger, it is said.

Original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger


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