DA petitions IMF to stop racially discriminatory use of Covid-19 relief funds


I have today sent a written petition to the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Ms Kristalina Georgieva, opposing in the strongest terms the use by the South African government of Corona disaster relief funds in a racially discriminatory way.

As the majority of these relief funds come from a loan obtained from the IMF, I implore this international body to censure the South African government and instruct it to stop using IMF monies in a way that discriminates along racial lines, and exacerbates racial tension in South Africa.

The ANC government’s choice to use this funding to only support BBEEE compliant companies, at a time of national economic crisis, is unconscionable. The virus does not discriminate on the basis of race, and it is indefensible that government should do so when deciding who is deserving of their help and who is not.

Furthermore, the race of a business owner has no bearing on the race of the employees of the business. White-owned businesses have black employees, who in turn support families. By deliberately denying these businesses critical government relief, it is not just the owner of the business, but indeed these families who will suffer should the business fail.

I have no doubt that the IMF had no intention of fuelling racial discord in South Africa. I trust that the IMF will not hesitate in directing the South African government to not use its loan financing in a way that furthers racial discrimination.

Indeed, IMF funding has been used the world over for building, developing and taking nations forward, including ALL people in those countries. That should be its use and purpose. However, the ANC government has chosen to turn this loan funding into a racially divisive tool.

I await reply from the head of the IMF, and a censure of the South African government’s racially discriminatory practices around Corona emergency relief funds.



Issued by John Steenhuisen MP – Leader of the Democratic Alliance


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