DA supports English and Afrikaans as primary and equal languages at SU


The Democratic Alliance (DA) unequivocally supports the use of both English and Afrikaans as primary and equal languages of instruction at Stellenbosch University (SU).

The Constitutional Court today ruled that SU’s language policy – which allows for English and Afrikaans to be used interchangeably as mediums of instruction for undergraduate studies – is in fact constitutionally justified.

The University’s language policy has been a contentious and often divisive one. Driven by populist and exclusionary narratives in an attempt to divide us.

The DA will not be drawn into these battles as they are not conducive to the project of nation building and reconciliation.

When it comes to the language rights of students and learners across the country – the DA will always support the constitutional principle that every person has the right to be taught in the official language of their choice, where reasonably practicable.

Afrikaans has a rich academic history and has developed into a highly respected academic language across the world. Afrikaans, just like the rest of the indigenous languages, deserve equal protection and academic development.

We are strong proponents of mother tongue education. This is because South Africa can only progress when we accept and celebrate our diversity.

The DA believes in building inclusive campuses, where students are not excluded on the basis of language or any other characteristic.

Issued by Annelie Lotriet – Chairperson of the DA’s Parliamentary Caucus


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