de Lille charges SA ‘It’s time for a new political order’


It’s time for a new political order’, these were the reassuring words of female politician Patricia de Lille.

The erstwhile Democratic Alliance Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille on Sunday announced she will be launching a new political party in 2019.

“We will be launching a new political party that will contest the 2019 elections in all nine provinces. Our party will be putting people before politics,” she said.

“Our party will build a better country for the next generation and educate our children so that they can liberate themselves. We will be a part of less talk and more action.”

While making a stunning speech, de Lille noted that she felt energised and ready for the next challenge.

“I really have got enough energy left. It’s time for a new political order in our country. Duty and service runs through my blood every day. I am here to announce that I will continue to avail myself to serve my country, the country that I love,”

de Lille is still a member of Independent Democrats, formed by her some years ago and which is still registered as a political party. She however indicated that because they had allowed dual membership she still held her ID membership.

The details of De Lille’s new political home will be publicly announced in about two weeks, and the former mayor indicated an elections manifesto would be ready by January – a mere two months away.

In a statement later on Sunday, the DA said it had noted the announcement by De Lille “that she has formed a new political party”.

“There are over 500 political parties in South Africa; Ms De Lille’s one will form part of that group,” DA national spokesman Solly Malatsi said.

“The real test for any organisation will be at the polls on election day. Ms De Lille’s latest political move is consistent with her brand over the years. She has, whenever it has been politically expedient, moved from one political movement to another,” he said.


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