Despite 18 miscarriages within 16 years, woman gives birth at 48 years old

Never give up on yourself was the central message for everyone that witnessed the amazing delivery.

Louise and her 55-year-old husband Mark spent almost $100,000 on IVF treatment.

Mark had undergone a vasectomy during a previous relationship so the couple looked to expensive IVF treatments to get pregnant.

Louise didn’t have an issue with getting pregnant but at around 14 weeks she would lose her baby.

”Each time I got my hopes up and thought that ‘this was it’ and I was going to have the perfect family I’d always wanted – I couldn’t stop crying every time I miscarried,” Louise told the Daily Mail.

”We decided to try IVF but despite falling pregnant a number of times, we always lost the baby.”

Just when the couple decided to give up a breakthrough came when a doctor discovered that Louise had ‘killer cells’ which meant her own body was destroying her embryos.

Finally Louise got the treatment she needed and became pregnant. Her son William was born at 37 weeks via C-section.

”It was amazing,” an emotional Louise says of the moment she was handed her baby boy.

”When the surgeon handed him to me, I just couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe my luck, I still can’t he was beautiful, I felt as if I’d won the lottery,” she told 5 News.

Louise describes being a mom as ”the best job in the world.”

Find out more about Louise’s story and her message to other couples trying to conceive in the clip below.



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