Despite 5000 petitions, Judge grants Man who shot dead Chris Van Heerden’s father bail

The security guard “Sabelo Dlamini, charged with murdering Daniel van Heerden, has been released on R5000 bail.

The man who shot dead Chris Van Heerden’s father Daniel last week appeared in court on Wednesday as he attempted to secure bail.

The public outcry against the murder has been immense. Many have signed a petition set-up by Daniel  online.

Almost 5,000 pleaded for the judge not to grant bail from an initial goal of 1,000. The Van Heerden’s are hopeful Dlamini will eventually get the justice they seek.

Sabelo Dlamini, a Red Ant Security Guard, was granted his request for a meager 5000 Rand (or around $347).

Dlamini hit  the 61 year-old father in the back with one fatal bullet last week after an altercation.

In an incident caught on camera, Van Heerden was seen attempting to report Dlamini for unlawfully offloading meat.

Daniel took Dlamini’s car key and threatened to have him ‘locked up’. The perpetrator then fired a solitary round which ultimately cost the father  of boxer Chris his life.

His former world champion son flew in from Los Angeles last weekend. Chris will attend the funeral taking place on Friday.

The Top Rank star and his older brother Daniel, also a fighter in the MMA code, have campaigned for a lengthy prison sentence.

The fact is Dlamini used no other means of defusing the tense situation with Daniel in a damning video clip, which has now gone viral.

According to the presiding Judge:

“Magistrate Willemse says Dlamini has a ‘stable profile’. Also that he is a family man, owns some property and has a good work record.

“The accused is not a hardened criminal,” added the judge.



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