Devastating flood rips through hospital and mall in Gauteng


Heavy downpours have resulted in flooding across Gauteng, with the Helen Joseph Hospital as one of the casualties.

Gauteng departments of Health and Infrastructure Development have jointly dispatched teams to intervene at health facilities, which have been affected by the heavy rains since Friday night. They’re trying to ensure that there’s minimal disruption to medical services.

So far, provincial health officials are aware of three institutions have been affected by the downpours.

The Accident and Emergency Department at the Helen Joseph Hospital has been flooded and a section of a ceiling has been compromised at the Rahima Moosa Hospital.

The weather has also led to challenges at the Zola community Health Centre in Soweto.

Department of Health spokesperson Philani Mhlungu confirmed that a drain blockage and heavy rains had resulted in flooding of the accident and emergency unit at the hospital. He added that plumbers had been called to assist with the blocked drains early on Saturday morning.

City of Johannesburg EMS spokesperson Nana Radebe confirmed that mopping up operations were under way.

Social media posts show people walking through ankle deep water, and patients sitting with their feet on chairs to avoid the wet. Images of flooded corridors have also been shared, along with scenes of water flowing across the parking lot and entry points.

In a statement released on Saturday, the health department said it was working with the Department of Infrastructural Development to deploy teams to intervene “in health facilities that have been affected by the heavy rains” to ensure “there is minimum interruption of services”.

Kagiso Mall in Krugersdorp has also reportedly experienced flooding.

The rains have resulted in flooding and several road closures.

In a statement, the Gauteng Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs warned residents and motorists to stay clear of closed and flooded roads. They were also urged to be cautious in flash flood areas and avoid crossing flooded bridges.

The heavy rainfall that caused flooding in several areas across the Gauteng area in the past 24 hours, resulted in severe danger threats to residents, particularly motorists.

Several roads are flooded and closed, including Witkoppen Road, the N3 Gilooly’s offramp, the M1 double decker highway and the Buccleuch interchange. There have also been reports of flash floods in several residential areas.


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