Disabled girl who was bullied by trolls has died aged 10


The mother of a disabled daughter who was bullied by trolls for much of her young life has confirmed that her little girl has died, aged 10.

Natalie Weaver, of North Carolina, informed supporters via Twitter that her daughter Sophia had passed away, stating that her death had left the family with a “shattering pain”.

“Our #SweetSophia left this earth last night as she spent every day of her life, surrounded by love & adoration,” she said.

Weaver had previously had to defend her daughter from online trolls who used an image of Sophia to further their own pro-eugenics agenda.

Eugenics is a movement infamous Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was a staunch supporter of, one that aims to selectively breed certain types of people while sterilizing others in the aim of increasing the ‘purity’ of a race.

Little Sophia suffered from Type 1 diabetes and Rett syndrome, the latter leaving her with disfigurements to her face, hands and feet.

As a result of her condition, Sophia’s family needed to take care of her 24 hours a day. Their daughter required round the clock attention.

Of course, life was hardly easy for Sophia and her relatives – but they found the necessary strength and hope to continue, often in each other.

On May 20, this year, however, Natalie posted a troubling tweet to her followers informing them that her daughter had got very sick, very quick.

#SweetSophia got really sick really quickly and I’m really scared. I know my girl is a fighter and can pull through this. Please keep her in your thoughts and for those with a t-shirt please wear it to keep her heartbeat close to yours,” the tweet read.

Tragically, three days later Sophia passed away, leaving her family devastated at her loss.


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