Does the DA honestly think that little of White voters



The Schweizer Reneke school photograph incident rocked South Africa. And the preposterous action of suspending a teacher (telephonically, mind you!) AFTER evidence came to light that there WAS NO racism because ONE picture out of THREE were taken out context, makes it even more outrageous. The situation got a human face when an emotional Elana Barhhuizen yesterday pleaded for justice saying that she is basically a mother and an educator with a spotless reputation and record and that politics and politicians are ruthlessly destroying her life, trampling on the well-being of innocent children and tainting the reputation of an excellent school.


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And rightly so. The whole story is nothing but filthy, dirty, race obsessed, biased politics. And the guilty, in fact the MOST guilty, is the Democratic Alliance.

It was Luyolo Mphithi, the DA Youth Leader in Northwest, who was the first to publicly share a picture of little children without hiding their faces along with the following statement: “The DA strongly condemns the alleged separation of black and white learners in a Grade R classroom at Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke in North West. It is outrageous that a classroom in 2019 can be racially segregated, which only serves to teach young children from day one to see each other as different and separate. This is unconscionable,” said Luyolo Mphithi, Federal DA Youth Leader.

Immediately following that, Mmusi Maimane jumped on the band wagon and started screaming “racism! racism!” again. He did the very same with the Ashwin Willemse incident. And after that story, exactly like the Schweizer Reneke one, was proven to be without any substance or evidence of racism, did Maimane apologise? No Sir. He did not and we’re quite prepared to put a wager on it that he won’t either in this case.

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In fact, the DA issued a second statement saying that the DA regrets the “great deal of distress caused…by some parties…”

WHICH parties? We know the EFF climbed the fence. We know the ANC protested outside the school.

But who started it? Who was ultimately responsible for the whole thing? Which party, dear DA, started the “great deal of distress?” YOU and you alone. The Democratic Alliance started it all. Luyolo Mphithi started it all. And then he went on and said in a radio interview that, in his opinion, when it comes to “white racists” no legal procedures needs to be followed, they need to be punished straight out.

So the DA is now a supporter of Bundu Justice? Bush Law. Hang and lynch people upon suspicion only, no need for evidence –n particular if it is a white person accused of racism. That is what he implied on the air, wasn’t it? If that was the case, YOU, the DA, would have hanged Naas Botha and Nick Mallet as well. And now Elana Brakhuizen.

We understand that cases will be opened against Luyolo Mphithi and against the DA for this and we hope you both are legally prosecuted to the ends of justice for causing this incident.

How little the DA thinks of the white voter if it is acceptable to waive legal processes in prosecuting white people upon suspicion of racism only? How little the DA thinks of our intelligence to issue a statement condemning the actions of political parties while those parties were only following the example of the DA themselves! How very revolting for a voter to be treated like this!

And is the DA planning to suspend Luyolo Mphithi or take any form of action for causing all of this?


No. They are not. In fact, this morning they promoted him. He will now be running the DA’s Instagram account ahead of the election.

It is obvious to all and sundry now – the Democratic Alliance turned its back on the white voter. No problem. Now the white voter will turn their backs on the Democratic Alliance and cast a vote for self-determination. That much Front National is prepared to predict. We cannot share a country and a future with politicians of the opinion and conduct of Luyolo Mphithi and Mmusi Maimane any more.

Front National SA

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