‘Don’t jail Jacob Zuma’ Julius Malema warns

The articulate leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters EFF has pleaded for leniency on behalf of former president Jacob Zuma.

Jacob Zuma is now “too old” to be a prisoner. They also suggested his incarceration would be “a waste of money”, given the security constraints involved:

“I said if there are charges against Jacob Zuma he must go to court. But we can’t jail him, what kind of society are we if we jail old people. He must answer to court and the court its ruling should take his age into consideration. Prisons are correctional services, after all.”

“Taking Zuma to jail would be a waste of money because what correction would we be doing to that old man? Court will have to find other forms. Furthermore, the NGO’s which were the loudest during the Jacob Zuma era, are now nowhere to be found when Ramaphosa wages a war against the Public Protector.” Malema

Jacob Zuma is facing 18 counts of fraud and corruption in the Pietermaritzburg High Court, for his allegedly-criminal behaviour in an illicit “arms deal” with the French company Thales.

He has skipped the last two sessions of court, and was issued with an arrest warrant earlier this month if he fails to arrive in the dock on 6 May 2020. According to his lawyers, the ex-leader is receiving medical treatment in Cuba, following a long-term illness that has sidelined him from several legal cases.


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