Drama as China ships used Chinese police uniform for Kenya police

There was a mild  drama in Nairobi after it was discovered that the police uniform supplied by China to Kenya police had already been used by the Chinese police. This is coming at a time when China is already  taking  over Africa in terms of economic rule.

A seemingly unhappy President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday unveiled the used  uniforms for General Duty Police Officers.
According to the Chinese supplier:

“The uniform will enhance better visibility for the officers,” said President Uhuru as the uniforms were showcased at the Kenya School of Government.

Police officers chatting after unveiling of new uniform. Uhuru also announced that the Kenya Police Service will now be merged with the Administration Police.

“In order to eliminate waste, duplication, and overlap, we will integrate 39,680 police service and 24,572 administration police into general duty police offers under the command of Deputy Inspector General Kenya Police Service, leaving a total of 64, 252 police service general duty police given the unified command to offer better security for Kenyans,” said President Uhuru.

The new second hand uniforms are blue in colour. The President also ordered a mandatory refresher course for the new officers. “Institute a refresher training for all new general duty officer to instill a common understanding of police station work and to build a feeling of pride and mutual loyalty symbolised by a joint pass out parade,” he added.


Kenya Police Training College is renamed – National Police College, Kiganjo Campus
APTC is renamed – National Police College, Embakasi A campus
GSU college is renamed – National Police College – Embakasi B campus


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