#DstvHofmfeyr: 23 000 subscribers lost as Steve Hofmeyr fans continue to “destroy” their decoders


What we know: Multichoice is not going to update or release a statement on the loss they are taking right now to prevent a spreading fire. An IT technician and a data analyst who works for Multichoice leaked the following information.

Both of them wish to remain anonymous because they are actually rooting for Hofmeyr. “As of Friday 5:30 PM Multichoice lost over 23 000 official subscribers and more than 36 000 decoders where offline which means more cancellation might be following”

This all started after Hofmeyr posted a video of himself cancelling the service and destroying his decoder on his facebook page. Promised R10 000 to one lucky fan who helps him boycott Multichoice by destroying their decoders on camera.

Supporters have responded with bold shows of support that have included them braaing their decoders over an open flame without even any consideration.

More and more videos of his fans destroying their decoders are being posted on facebook and twitter.


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