EFF and other parties are bankrupt in terms of policy. Gordhan

Gordhan says that the ANC has made mistakes but it’s in the process of changing what he says is its bad habits.

“And we must be frank with you, as the president was on Saturday in Durban. He said the ANC has made mistakes, the ANC has had weaknesses, the ANC allowed certain wrong things to happen.

“There’s no harm in saying ‘I made a mistake’ provided that you can give people proof that you’re correcting yourself, having learned from the mistake, that you’re willing to change and do thing differently.”

“I haven’t attacked any other party, they’re not worth attacking. I’ve worked with them in Parliament and elsewhere, most of them are bankrupt in terms of policy.

“Actually, nobody despite all our weaknesses in the ANC, nobody can out debate us on the technical matter, in Parliament or elsewhere as well.”


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