EFF holds a crucial meeting with Patrice Motsepe over ESKOM

The opposition Economic Freedom Fighter EFF convened a meeting with Patrice Motsepe to address some of the issues that has bedevilled the embattled Eskom as well as its disbandment.

An EFF delegation, on Thursday, met with mining business mogul and billionaire, Patrice Motsepe, to discuss matters of critical importance that affect South Africans.

More importantly, for the EFF, was to get assurance from Motsepe that his interests in renewable energy were not affecting the power utility’s prospects.

Motsepe, who led his own delegation to the red berets’ headquarters in Braamfontein, noted that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues around the creation and preservation of jobs, and poverty alleviation.

While these were necessary themes to engage in, the issue that recently clouded Motsepe, regarding Eskom, had to be dealt with.

“The EFF also expressed its concern about some of the issues that have recently featured in the public domain, including the role of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and clear intention of government to privatise Eskom,” the EFF reported in its statement.

The role of IPPs came into question after President Cyril Ramaphosa had announced the impending unbundling of Eskom.

It is known that Motsepe heads up a great interest in renewable energy. Also, his sister is the wife of Ramaphosa.

Therefore. the clear conflict of interest in the position of IPPs, now that Eskom is about to undergo this structural reform at a time when alternative energy options are of paramount importance, has raised eyebrows.

Red berets commit to working with Motsepe Foundation

Motsepe, at the African Rainbow Energy and Power Media conference on 18 February, denied any allegations that IPPs either profited due to nepotism or had an interest in the privatisation of the power utility.


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