EFF in another R12 billion scandal

This is apparently a tough period for the Economic Freedom Fighter EFF after the opposition party was again  embroil in Fresh from the VBS scandal that had parliament screaming “pay back the money”, the EFF in Tshwane is facing a new R12 billion scandal. This is basically VBS times six! The method of theft is the same as VBS and how the Limpopo finances were collapsed through corruption by Julius Malema and his friends.

Also at the center of the Tshwane scandal is the city manager, Moeketsi Mosola, who is also an EFF man. As you may or may not know, the EFF doesn’t officially enter into coalitions but only controls the tender levers from a distance. This is true for many municipalities and metros where it has given the Democratic Alliance (DA) political power. Mosola was imposed on the City of Tshwane by the EFF. They also have their man as the CFO in the City of Johannesburg. In this way, they can get the EFF-aligned front companies to get tenders.

Report indicates that when the Tshwane mayor, Solly Msimanga, tried to suspend Mosola for corruption, the EFF pushed the African National Congress (ANC) to put a motion of no confidence against Msimanga. This forced Msimanga to back down and stop his attempts at suspending Mosola. In Nelson Mandela Bay, Trollip simply refused to back down and he was removed.

The R12 billion corruption in Tshwane has to do with a tender scandal associated with a company called Glad Africa Engineering. Remember On-Point Engineering in Limpopo?

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This Glad Africa has somehow been given dominion over a R12 billion tender. Sources say this whole thing was contrived by the EFF through bullying and threats, but now the whole scam has caught up with Mosola who is desperately trying to stop the tabling of a report that shows how deep the corruption around Glad Africa is. Mosola has even approached the courts in a bid to stop the report into Glad Africa from being handed to council.

The DEmocratic Alliance  DA can continue to accept soft peddling around the EFF corruption in the metros. The DA’s own political survival in national politics requires that it capitalizes on the corruption of the EFF.

The EFF faced with the huge financial scandal, can no longer threaten the DA with motions of no confidence.



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