EFF makes scathing submission to have De Klerk stripped of Nobel peace prize


The EFF has stated that it will make a formal written submission to have #FWDeKlerk stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize.

The EFF has called on former apartheid president FW de Klerk to be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize, but the FW de Klerk Foundation isn’t paying attention, telling TimesLIVE it “doesn’t respond to the EFF”.

On the 30th anniversary of De Klerk’s historic 1990 speech, when it was announced political parties would be unbanned, EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said the De Klerk government should not be credited for the unbanning of liberation movements and the release of former president Nelson Mandela because it was “responsible for too many massacres”.

“Seeing that God has given him a long life, De Klerk can still repent and admit to his role in the crimes against humanity committed by his regime, under his watch, including the gruesome activities of Vlakplaas.

“We call on De Klerk to return the Nobel Peace Prize because there is blood on his hands. He is not a peacemaker. No one should ever be awarded for asking victims of apartheid to make peace with apartheid. Apartheid is a crime against humanity and its leaders are no peacemakers,” said Ndlozi.

Nldozi said the EFF rejects the notion that De Klerk unbanned political parties and released prisoners willingly.

“It is not him nor his government, but the selfless struggle by the masses, the youth in particular.


Last week Malema, and EFF MPs disrupted and delayed the annual State of the Nation Address (SONA).

President Cyril Ramaphosa was delayed from giving the SONA for more than an hour as Malema and the EFF called for former President FW de Klerk to leave the building. Malema accused De Klerk of being a murderer who had blood dripping from his hands.


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