Embittered Malema goes berserk: ‘The ANC is scared of Afrikaners’


Controversial leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter EFF  Julius Malema has alleged that the ANC is scared of white people. The ANC is scared of Israel, the ANC is scared of Afrikaners. But the regime of the EFF will never be scared of a white person.

These police here are trained to respect a white man. When they see a white men, it’s baas [boss]. A black man, they ill-treat even when black people are not doing anything but fighting for their rights,” said Malema.

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“That is how they are taught. Their colleges respects [instructs] them to respect whiteness. You are cowards in uniform. It doesn’t matter, whether a wrong thing is done by a white person or a black person, all of us must respect the law.”

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