Employees do not know why they are working


It is no longer enough to wish to get employment immediately after school. Nowadays you must establish the reason why you want to work. Employers of labour (private & government) can no longer afford payment of pension and gratuities, so whatever you’re paid is what you can ever get. Thus employees must define exactly why they want to work for others.

Following the shuddering figures of unemployment in the country, research has established that some potential employees and job seekers do not have a clear-cut idea of why they want to be employed. Sometimes the response they give out to potential employers of labour are quite disappointing.

A research by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) sometimes ago shows that 93% of a certain company’s employees do not know why they are working. According to the report, majority of the employees gave their reasons thus:

I need to work because I’m through with school.
I need to work because I’m an adult.
I need to work because I need to pay my bills.
I need to work because I can’t stay idle.
I need to work because I need to make money, etc.

The report explained that only a palpable 7% gave reasonable answer which had to do with their future. Reasons like;

1. To gain experience
2. To save up their initial capital
3. To win their initial customers.
4. To understand how a system of systems (Business/Company) works.

The reasons above indicated that successful people don’t work for money(Like Robert Kiyosaki will say).

It is well-known that the number of job seekers has jumped the roof while the number of corresponding job openings is dwindling geometrically. Therefore if your plan is to work till you get your pension or gratuity, you may end up begging at your grave years. Many who invested taking their children as their retirement plans have been disappointed.

You must plan your work and work your plan before the night comes when you’ll be unable to see the road to your office.

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