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Eskom are absolute liars, Stage 5 already implemented: Energy expert

Eskom uncovered to have lied to the citizens over the planned load shedding.

 Energy expert Ted Blom has described Eskom as absolute liars, saying Stage 5 load-shedding has already been implemented.

According to the utility’s definitions, 5,000 megawatts are taken offline when Stage 5 kicks in.

The troubled parastatal is already shedding 4,900 megawatts from the national grid.

“Eskom is lying to us, they said yesterday [Tuesday] at their press briefing with their minister in the room that on Monday they dropped 4,900 megawatts now if you follow the definitions…that’s stage 5. That’s why everybody is complaining…they have lost control of the system…they are lying”, said Blom.

This is despite the fact that Eskom claims there’s no plan to implement stages 5 to 8, just yet.

South Africans have been battling rolling blackouts since Saturday, with more load-shedding expected on Wednesday.

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