Eskom begins stage 2 load shedding

For the second time in six weeks, a bout of load shedding has been sanctioned by Eskom. They’ve been warning of a “constrained system” throughout December, suggesting that a lack of generational power could cut the lights at any moment: Their prophecy has come true.

Eskom haven’t revealed too much about Thursday’s situation. We know that blackouts will begin from 16:00, and continue right through to 23:00. It’s unclear whether this schedule will be repeated on Friday. The firm has simply explained that a “shortage of capacity” is to blame for this latest power outage.

Eskom announce load shedding schedule for Thursday 5 December

With Christmas just around the corner, contingency plans do exists to ensure the big day stays illuminated. But Eskom cannot provide the same guarantees for the rest of the month. They have been running on emergency diesel and fuel reserves for the best part of late spring and early summer.

New CEO Andre de Ruyter starts his work next month. We’ll wish him good luck, because he’ll clearly need it.

Eskom’s load shedding portal provides up to date details on the current stage of load shedding, the propensity for further rotational cuts, and an area search for direct consumers. It’s an easy to use search function, which although not always 100% accurate, at least provides a rough estimate of what to expect, when.


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