It is not a myth that the when Eskom was run by Whites at the height of racist Apartheid; it was at the heights of its success.

It provided power to millions of South Africans at very low rates, was run efficiently due to its autonomy from political interference (it was ran by actual engineers who knew what they were doing), was less regulated, created millions of jobs, and paid all its debt on time.

Eskom was so effective in its production of electricity (which was cheap, hence its cheap prices that the consumer did not even feel) that in 1969, after South Africa’s economic growth rate had topped 6% in various years in the 1960s, electricity demand threatened to outstrip supply.

[As a result, growth in electricity demand was double economic growth.]

That when Eskom began building large coal stations of standardised design; vendors and contractors from all over the world could not wait to give Eskom the best prices and conditions. This in turn made electricity cheap and in abundance for South Africa.

In addition to this tremendous success which was just another day for Eskom at this point, the stations were built on time and on budget. These power stations were funded by cheap debt, which was always paid on time, thus the taxpayer did not even have to part with a cent!

[I mean, why do you think the ANC’s armed wing, Umkhonto Wesizwe, their most notable “accomplishment” in their 58 year existence; was to blow up an Eskom power station? It was because they knew how unstoppable the success of this company was.]

By the time they were done with this project, Eskom had a great abundance of very reliable electricity at arguably the lowest prices in the world. Much lower than private utilities in other countries.

This was success was due to South Africa’s vast reserves of cheap, easily mined coal. As well as the clear-sighted, well-planned, consistent programme of new building, whose framework was wholly based on technical and commercial determinations.

Yet, because Apartheid was an evil, racist regime that could not be sustained, the historical economic growth of the 1960s did not persist. And the growth rate slowed down in the 1970s and even more so in the 1980s.

Thus, by the middle of the 1980s, South Africa was seen as having a surplus of electricity supply.

This illusion captivated a lot senior managers and politicians even when South Africa was in fact beginning to run out of electricity.

Then enters the ANC in 1994, vile a gang of political rapists, murderers, looters, criminals, porn-stars, racists and savages whose only aim was to replace the poverty they experienced in exile, in the bush, with wealth paid for by taxpayers. At the expense of Rebuilding a truly Free and Prosperous South Africa.

They nationalized Eskom, removed all the highly skilled, experienced White engineers and managers. And replaced them with hopeless Black ANC looters who have proven to be more useless than hungry, wet, abandoned township dogs taking a shot [sic] on a clean lawn they stumbled upon when looking for food in dustbins.

[These highly-skilled white engineers, managers, and technicians were given generous ‘packages’ to get out and make way for Blacks and political affiliation. The only thing we have ripped from these changes was loadshedding and bankrupt Eskom. So much for Black Empowerment!]

As we saw, the evil ANC government, once it got full power over Eskom, it neglected the latters obligation to supply power. This was manifested when new directives were given to forbid Eskom for building new stations.

[One could argue that they neglected these needs in order to build more useless shacks. Sorry I mean, RDP houses which have to be rebuilt three times before people could move in. And Blacks have the nerve to proclaim that they were “liberated” by these devils!]

In their election campaign in 1994, the wicked ANC promised South Africa an annual economic growth rate
of 6%, which is could have attained, given that other developing countries were growing even faster.

As it happened, we barely reached 3% a year, and we have been struggling with this figure since Whites left office!

Today, Eskom cannot run without loadshedding. In fact, Eskom needs to shed more power in order for it to have enough (which is never really enough) power to South Africa. Isn’t this ironic?

Yet again, what could be more ironic than Syrupy Cyril lying again to South Africans when he said that he didn’t know that Eksom will start additional, unscheduled power cuts wherever it needs to and outside of its schedules.

[The same way he lied about knowing about Zuma and the Guptas (while he was Zuma’s deputy), without whom, he wouldn’t be president today.]

This means that your area can be hit by blackouts at any time without any warning. As a country, we haven’t reached this stage since 2008 and our majority is still set to keep the ANC in power after April!

[Imagine being a business owner, longing to create jobs for hungry Blacks who love the ANC. Or rather, imagine being a hungry Black, seeking employment when the very means of production are being demolished by the very party you are told everyday that it has your best interests.]

Perhaps we need to burn down like Zimbabwe before we finally learn that we have been used and rejected (by the ANC) like free condoms, lying on the side of road, waiting to be blown by children.

Is it not clear by now that the only solution for South Africa is rid itself of the ANC, just as it rid itself of the Apartheid/National Party?

Vuka Mzantsi!

Your Country Has Long Fallen. You Are The Only Ones Who Dont Know!


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  1. What insight. A well written article.

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