Evidence has emerged that Ramaphosa knew 50 rich Blacks stole almost R2 billion from the poor but did nothing to save them

As many poor people continue to suffer the aftermath of the unusual loot by fifty rich blacks,  brought about by  the great VBS bank heist, thus ripping the poor off billions, more damning evidence is now getting to the public domain.

Scathing evidence has emerged that  South Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa allegedly knew all along about the Great Bank Heist from as early as January last year, where over 50 affluent Blacks stole close to R2 billion (belonging to the poor) from Black owned VBS bank.

Privileged information indicates that the  president  knew about the looting at VBS Mutual Bank but did not act to save numerous poor blacks wallowing in dispair and poverty.

Major VBS shareholders  informed the then deputy president early last year about the bank heist and he apparently promised to do something about it then.

Other internal and reliable “Sources” close to a major VBS shareholder also claim that the shareholder personally informed the president  about what was going on, in which he  raised some “serious concerns”, he promised to do something, but failed to do anything.

The source also indicated that, had Ramaphosa  acted swiftly against the heist, a lot of the money that is now gone (to the detriment of poor Blacks, particularly the Vhavenda) would have been saved and the bank would not have been closed, as it is in the process now.

But the presidensy  denied the assertion that the country’s leader was pre-informed about the bank impending crisis.

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Ramaphosa may have  called for strong action to be taken against those implicated in the VBS report, but the after effect still lingers.

Ramaphosa has confirmed that his son received half a million rand from controversial facilities management company Bosasa last year.

He however, argued that he had questioned his son, and was “satisfied that it was an above board transaction”.

The president was responding to a question from DA leader Mmusi Maimane, who asked Ramaphosa to set the record straight on the payment received by his son.

DA Maimane said this came to his knowledge through a sworn affidavit from auditor Peet Venter, who claimed that he was instructed by Bosasa chief executive Gavin Watson to make a payment of R500 000 into an attorney’s trust account which belonged to the president’s son in October last year.

“My son has a financial consultancy business, and he consults for a number of companies. One of those companies is Bosasa. I asked him at close range whether this money was obtained illegally or unlawfully,” said Ramaphosa.

According to the president, his son also produced a contract between himself and Bosasa to validate the legality of the transaction.

“The VBS saga is the most concerning one just as much as the Steinhoff saga. It hurts our people to see these people who are involved in all these corrupt activities going on with their lives as though nothing has happened.”


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