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Farmers remain silent at auction so young man can buy his family farm back


David’s family’s 80 acres of land was sold to a distant relative and the family’s property was gone. What they had spent decades building vanished in a split-second bank interaction.

Throughout his life, David dreamed of somehow getting back the family’s land and rebuild their business.

Several years after losing the family land, it suddenly appeared on auction. David and his father decided they would do their best to collect whatever modest means they had to try to get it back, reports

They spent many days and sleepless nights trying to come up with every possible way to acquire the extraordinary assets to reclaim their land. When the day of the auction finally came, their hearts sank: nearly 200 farmers were gathered. David and his father felt their chances of repossessing their family land was slim to none.

But they gave it their best shot. When the auctioneer announced their land, they immediately placed their bid — and held their breath.

Theirs was the first bid and David and his father anxiously waited to see who would bid next. But suddenly, the room went silent.

David didn’t understand what was happening and even the auctioneer was stupefied. He made further attempts to solicit a new bid, but got only silence. Stunned, he called a break.

They reconvened — three times — and each time, not a single farmer placed a bid.

The auctioneer finally had no choice, and with the strike of the gavel, David and his family had their land back.

It felt like a miracle. A miracle of 200 farmers from Nebraska, USA — every single one of them knowing what the right thing to do was.

David could finally write a happy chapter in his family history book.


“I’ve had two profoundly humbling days in my life. The first was the day my son was born. The second was that unforgettable day at the Auction House,” he said.

  1. Hettie says

    WoW! Fantastic story.

  2. Toets vd Westhuizen says

    Awesome, a farmer’s heart. We care about each other. God bless a farmer, and may this story reach far and wide.

  3. flman594 says

    That is amazing!!!

  4. Carla says

    This give me faith in humanity again.

  5. Janice Brown says

    Awesome Job Congratulations 👍

  6. Linda Lanphier says

    My father’s John Deere tractor was auctioned off at am auction at Fremont, Iowa. My brother had inherited it and then he died suddenly. I tried time and again, but one person was bidding against me. I went up as far as I could go, much more than the tractor was worth. Unfortunately, I had to stop at some point and my Dad’s tractor was gone. This happened in 2011 and still bothers me.

  7. Petro van Wyk says

    Where did this happen?

  8. Audrey says

    A beautiful story!!

  9. Rhonda says

    God bless those Nebraskan Farmers for doing the right thing. Also continue to bless this family with productivity and other blesses from their land.

  10. Jack says

    Bullshit story no date, facts, or explanation for anything.

  11. Catherine Hinkle says

    This made me cry. What a wonderful, kind, loving thing for those farmers to do! It shows that there are still a lot of good people out there.

  12. Rosette Nazarian says

    David used law of attraction without knowing that he was using a law of Nature, repeating in his mind to have the farm back. And the 200 farmers were effected by his dream for the farm and they stood silent so that David could have his farm back. It is the Law of Nature, that gives us our hearts desire if we keep the dream alive.

  13. Rita Walsh says

    You folks in Nebraska…y’all absolutely ROCK. This epitomizes an “AMERICAN”. God will bless you all. I would bet that there wasn’t a Muslim in the house!

    1. Carrie Scott says

      Shame on you Rita for taking a good story and twisting hate on it.

    2. Marti Dolata says

      Why did you have to drip poison in a feel good story? If you’re Armenian, I’m ashamed of you. The descendants of religious genocide survivors should know better than to tar an entire religion with a racist stereotype. The Turkish government condoned gangs killing the Armenians, but it was a single Turk who helped my Grandmother and her family to the America Red Cross ship, at risk of his own life. Judged not least you be judged.

      1. Marti Dolata says

        This was meant to be a reply to Rosette Nazarian. My maiden name is Magarian.

        1. Marti Dolata says

          Sorry again. I conflated Rosette”s name with Rita’s answer. Please delete it.

    3. Louise says

      …you just had to go and spoil that lovely sentence at the end…racists bringing their hate and crap into everything ..can’t you just let a nice story be without adding your dumb backward hate to it…jeez!

    4. Meghan says

      what does being muslim or not have anything to do with this? your additional comment is asinine.

    5. MaryOne says

      Was that really necessary? How welcome are Muslim farmers in this country?

    6. Eva says

      You just had to throw the last sentence in, didn’t ya? SMH.😡

    7. Elizabeth says

      So happy for this uplifting article. Why bring hatefulness into such a wonderful and inspiring story? Try loving your neighbor, being the light, conquering by doing good!

    8. Paradoxica says

      Rita WTF is wrong with you? Wins the contest for ‘Most Ignorant Comment’. Thanks for bursting the ‘happiness bubble’ I had after reading this beautiful story, by your inane, bigoted, small-minded comment. How completely lacking in Christ-ian values you must be to make such a broad, hate-filled comment.

      And hey, you know what else epitomizes “an American” as you say?
      – School shooter murderers;
      – CEO billionaires whose employees have to be on food stamps and who cannot afford to take their -children to the doctor even though they work 1 or more jobs;
      – A Supreme Court who gives corporations the same rights as individual people leading the way to more evil than you can shake a stick at;
      – American corporate pharmaceutical shareholders who are ok with drugs, for example, for blood cancer which must be taken every day of a person’s life costing $20,000 per month as long as the stock value goes up and they make money;
      – Banks defrauding the public and causing 250,000 home foreclosures every 3 months (according to Mortgage Bankers Assoc.) putting entire families on the street and NOT ONE Banker being held accountable;
      – School children not being allowed to graduate school because they owe on their lunch money bills;
      – Geez girl, I could go on and on.

      And if you, even with that hateful remark, want us to believe you are a Christian and that Muslims are somehow inherently bad or evil people, please do some historical research into all of the Christian religions to learn just how much evil has been done in the name of Christianity. Tens of millions of people killed, sometimes just for the sake of a land grab.

      And in case you somehow missed this lesson on Christ/God…God blesses ALL of his children. As in Every. Single. One. I pray your heart softens, your mind opens, and that you turn away from ridiculous generalities that only sow more hate. That is NOT what we need in the world nor what Christianity stands for.

    9. David says

      Way to bring prejudice into a heartwarming story, Rita. Moron.

    10. Grammy Tammy says

      I live in the Midwest and things like this happen all the time. Why would some idiot have to ruin a heartwarming story by saying “I would bet that there wasn’t a Muslim in the house!”

    11. Cindy says

      WTF does this have to do with Muslims? Your logic is missing a few steps

  14. Ernest Dempsey says

    It wasn’t a bunch of farmers out to buy land there that day. It was one big family out to help their son, their brother. Love them all!

  15. Zombie says

    Sooo fake.

  16. Gregory John Kuhl says

    What a heart warming true story. Hard working, White Christian farmers standing in solidarity with one of their own is what built, and made this country great. Sooo, glad to see true “Americanism” and “Christianity” are yet still the backbone of this country, that so many wish to “steal” from us and destroy. May God bless and save true Americans like these!!! And indeed, America herself!

    1. RONALD WHITE says


    2. Marti Dolata says

      How do you know they were all white and Christian? News Flash, I was in Nebraska last summer and not everybody living there is either white, or Christian. Your prejudices are pretty obvious.

    3. Meghan says

      Nobody is trying to “steal” and “destroy” our country except maybe the rich bastards who are plundering all our resources and underpaying all their workers.

    4. Thais says

      Where does it say that they were all white and that any of them were Christians? I’m not against either, but that’s really not what this article was about.

    5. Gail Angela Hayes says

      Why did you have to add ‘white’ in your description? Seems strange. A bit like your surname.. German no?

  17. Verlin says

    This is what makes rural America a great place to live compassion for others!

  18. kathy says

    so great that a community still cares what a great inspiring story

  19. Joe Johnson says

    My niece and her husband(live in Fowler,Michigan) lost their farm to bank for closer. Three hundred fifty acers with three hundred milking cows. They did get to keep the house and ten acers because the farm will become a centennial farm in a few years. My nieces husband had been a farmer all of his life and now it is gone. I feel so gratefully that the people in your community got together and gave a gift of love to a fellow farmer.

  20. Anne Tozier says

    People like this are what makes America great! You probably would not see this in foreign countries!

  21. Debbie says

    Farmers are the heart of America…. this proves it….well done

  22. Susan Buma says

    what a blessing each and every one of those farmers have, that is what God loves to see happen

  23. dawn adair myers says

    still decent people out there this made me cry for david and his dad im so glad they can now try and rebuild.

  24. Toroitich Justine says

    This is called Integrity .What an inspiration

  25. penny skibinski says

    what is meant to be will be

  26. Kyle says

    But how would they possibly know the story behind that peace of land without ONE person bidding on it… I don’t buy it. Still a good story though.

  27. MK Colin says

    In a shabby little shining city, surrounded by fields of ideals. Held together by empathy tied in kindness and tears. Built by dirty jeans and callouses. A place called America.

  28. SueEllen Robertson says

    This made me weep. God bless these farmers, and God bless America!

  29. Marti Dolata says

    Why do religious bigots have to drip their poison in a nice feel-good story? As a descendant of a survivor of religious genocide, their comments give me the creeps. They are also unAmerican with our Founding Fathers’ emphasis on freedom of conscience and religion. See Bill of Rights.

    (PS. if you just assumed I’m Jewish, Gotcha. Armenian. Google it. )
    (And if you are muttering about g.d. immigrants, Gotcha again. Unless you’re Native American, on Mom’s side, my ancestors arrived in America in 1636. What about yours?)

  30. José Castañeda says

    Just a farmer knows what does the propper land means. GOD bless all those farmers and their lands.

  31. Louise says

    …you just had to go and spoil that lovely sentence at the end…racists bringing their hate and crap into everything ..can’t you just let a nice story be without adding your dumb backward hate to it…jeez!

  32. Els Breggeman says

    Wow this is what life is supposed to be , doing the right thing at the right time.
    I hope they still have many years to make their farm great again, God bless them and all those other farmers!!
    Greetings from the Netherlands! 🌷🍀🌷🍀🌷

  33. Melissa Dailey says

    I wonder how all the farmers do not to bid on it?Maybe it was heard by word of mouth from a farmer and it just spread throughout town about them trying to buy their property back. I wish they would have threw that part in.

  34. Ash says

    Fake story.

  35. Curtis says

    Rain on the Scarecrow.

  36. Michael E MYERS says

    God bless the American farmers.

  37. Elizabeth says

    Why bring hate into an uplifting story? There is nothing American or Christian about racism. The United States is a country that was based on religious freedom and immigration. Your ideas represent hatefulness and an alarming lack of awareness. We are extraordinarily blessed, partly because we are inclusive and we are diverse.

  38. Cathy Frayer says

    I am fighting to keep my small 14 acres farm. My husband was killed in a car accident on December 1st and the bank is demanding payment in full on the remaining 10k and I have no where to turn myself. 😢

  39. scott says

    Makes me think of the Savings and Loans crisis when I was growing up.

  40. Jacob E. Smalley says

    How did they lose it exactly?

  41. Janie Maly says

    And only two racist bigots have to raise their ugly voices amid all the love!

  42. William F Dunlap says

    W O W . . . .

  43. Jonathan Wyman says

    This is an amazing, heartfelt story. Unfortunately, religion had to come into this when there was no mention of religion in the original story. Can we not just celebrate doing the right thing without politicizing everything?

  44. Jake Burn says

    can we have details to verify the story?

  45. Rinske Wagenaar says

    There are still lots of decent guys out there!

  46. Skip says

    Makes me proud to be a rural Nebraskan, farmers are generally good solid people with a wish for the “right” things to happen.

  47. Steven A Helming says

    I’m a NoDak farm boy. The family farm is gone. The town made us tear the house down. No salvage and had to bury the wreckage. My dad had built that house. The farm machinery was scrapped or sold for pennies on the dollar. Out of sight, out of mind. The farm had been successful, now just memories. I’m glad that those Nebraska farmers saw to it to get that farm back to the original owners. Kudos and many happy times doing what is an honorable profession to them.0

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