Father gets life for raping his 4 and 5-year-old daughters, while mother stays silent

A paedophile who repeatedly violated his daughters will now spend the rest of his life in custody.

Tjey father who raped his children aged four and five has been sentenced to life in prison and their mother to five years — for failing to report the ongoing abuse.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said the incident occurred a year ago and came to light after a day care mother became suspicious about their “sexual behavioural patterns” towards other children.

“Upon investigation about where they learnt that from, the children then explained that their father ‘drinks’ from their breasts when he is thirsty,” the NPA said in a statement

“The day care mother went to seek help and advice from the Sinoville Crisis Centre. It is at the crisis centre where the children detailed [what their father did] and when they told their mother, she simply put ointment and scolded their father,” said NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane.

Mjonondwane said during a trial within a trial the defence tried to discredit the children’s’  ability to testify because of their age, arguing they were not competent witnesses.

State prosecutor Advocate Johanna Du Preez dismissed the argument, revealing they gave detailed statements to police and intermediaries had provided assessment reports confirming the children were able to understand right from wrong.

The children were allowed to testify.

The NPA commended all the parties involved for exposing and reporting what it described as cruelty towards innocent children.

“It is through their commitment and dedication that they were able to create a trusting environment that enabled the children to open up and share their ordeal,” said the acting director of public prosecutions in North Gauteng, Advocate George Baloyi.

The pair were sentenced by the Pretoria regional court on Monday.


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