Female Judge married the same man twice, years after divorcing him, because she couldn’t do without him


With her witty quips and razor-sharp remarks, Judge Judy Sheindlin rose to become one of the most successful and most recognizable faces on American Television. The vitality and vigor with which she appears onscreen seem to be something that her marriage also enjoys.

Within two days of knowing Jerry Sheindlin, she was ready to marry him, but she only walked down the aisle a year after they met.

They met for the first time at a bar and Judy Sheindlin was her tough-lipped self, right from the beginning. “I just finished trying a murder case as a defense lawyer,” Jerry Sheindlin told Los Angeles Times. “She was a prosecutor. There was a reporter from the New York Post there at the bar, and I was speaking to him about the case. Judy came walking in and put her finger in my face and said, ‘And who is this?’ I said, ‘Lady, get your finger out of my face.’ We’ve been together ever since.”

Although the attraction was instant, for Judy Sheindlin it was a “frightening time but a fun time” because her marriage to lawyer, Ronald Levy had just ended. “My first husband is a lovely, lovely man but he always viewed my job as a hobby and there came a time where I resented that,” she said about Ronald Levy when she appeared on OBJECTified, Fox News show.

When her divorce led to her eventually meeting Jerry Sheindlin, she was smitten. “I would have married him two days after we met. I was so crazy about him but we didn’t marry for a year,” she told Closer. The two of them got married in 1977 and went on to have children of their own. However, there were some challenges along the way and in 1990, 13 years after they exchanged vows, the couple got divorced.

They spent a while trying to date other people but a year into the divorce, they realized they couldn’t stay away from each other. “I missed Jerry. I like to have someone to fuss over. I like to be mated. It’s natural for me. I learned the hard way that sometimes what you think makes you happy won’t,” she said. And so, Judy Sheindlin walked down the aisle once again while Jerry Sheindlin waited for her at the end of it, for the second time.

Still going strong after they remarried in 1991, Judy Sheindlin said about their chemistry, “We argue and we have terrific fights but there is something that you can’t quite put your finger on.”

After spending over 40 years together, she said, “I still like to see him walk into a room. He looks good.” She revealed that she’s warned him to “keep a reasonable physique or else he’s out the door!” and apparently it’s a rule that applies to her as well. “We’ve been married 40 years and he has never seen me without my hair combed or lipstick on,” she said.

When Judy and Jerry Sheindlin spoke to the Daily Mail at the annual Women of the 21st Century Awards luncheon by the Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai, the couple seemed to be in a spirited mood when she revealed that she has awards scattered all over the house except in one place.

“I have different ones in different places. The only place I don’t have any awards out in the open is in the bedroom. Other than that they are all over,” she said. “I don’t know I sort of feel that is one place where I feel nobody should be getting awards.”

But her playful husband chimed in and said, “No awards? She just gave me an award last night. I just don’t understand this. I’m going to have to talk to her about that.”

He was asked if he had just given their fans a hint about their private lives, he said, “It is a huge insight. I have this statue which proves it but she has a short memory.”

Along with the fun and games, Jerry Sheindlin did take a moment to gush about his wife. He said, “She is real, she’s grounded and she has this fabulous sense of humor that distinguishes her from a lot of other people.”


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