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Female Kidnapper who used Muti to hypnotise school children, in failed abduction Beaten to stupor(Jungle justice)

Heinous crime is gradually becoming gender blind. A suspected female kidnapper was given the beating of her life after she was apprehended while allegedly trying to abduct three children.
It was gathered that the suspect  met the children on a particular street at when she attempted to kidnap them.
According to an eyewitness, the woman touched the children with a charm and they lost control. She was about taking them out of the vicinity after the hypnosis, not knowing a petty trader by the roadside saw her and what transpired.
The trader approached her and asked her what she was doing with the children, but she couldn’t give an answer.
An alarm was immediately raised as neighbors and residents including the children’s parents trooped out and descended on the suspected kidnapper.
She was stripped naked and beaten mercilessly before she was handed over to the police.
The ugly incident took place in Ibadan Nigeria.

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