Fire engulfs and completely destroys ANC building

Different fire outbreak has brought misfortune is some parts of the country.

The ruling A frican National congress ANC is still reeling in shock, after fire gut down its building and burnt down several valuable materials.

The fire has completely destroyed the ANC regional office in Vereeniging.

Firefighters could not do anything to salvage the building and its contents.

It is believed that the fire started around midnight but the cause is not yet known.

The police’s Captain Tebogo Lephotho said there was no one inside the office at the time.

A caretaker stationed at the office “said the building was locked and he did not know what happened. When he saw the fire, he unlocked the building and got inside to try and save a few things. He only managed to save a fridge and a couch,” Lephotho said.

By the time firefighters arrived at the scene it was already too late to salvage the building.

The remnants of the ANC office in Vereeniging after a fire destroyed it.


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