FlySafair flight forced to make an emergency landing at Cape Town

Passengers where anxious and  gripped with uncertainly, when the flight suspended in the air and  could not land for two hours.

Serious drama ensued  in the skies above Cape Town on Thursday evening, as FlySafair flight FA102 encountered a minor technical issue shortly after take-off. Thankfully, there are no injuries or fatalities to report.

FlySafair have told us that a “system error” regarding the plane’s weight was communicated to the pilots shortly after they had become airborne. This meant that they were not allowed to land at OR Tambo, and had to touch down in Cape Town instead.

This particular model does not have the capacity to dump fuel, and had no other way to lighten the load. Their only option was to keep flying, burn off the excess weight, and return to Cape Town International Airport. According to the airline, this is a much safer way to meet the landing weight parameters than shedding a load of fuel.

The pilots, crew and passengers circled in a flight pattern above Robben Island for the best part of two hours, before it was safe for them to land again. Following take off at just after 17:30, the plane was back on the tarmac for 19:24. The airline have since issued the following statement to clarify what went off:


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