Fuel attendant celebrated for lending woman R100 for petrol


Huge commendation and praises has been showed on a petrol attendant after he lent a woman, who couldn’t find her bank card, R100 for petrol.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Monet van Deventer wrote that she stopped at a petrol station on her way to Cape Town to fill up her car’s tank.

“Before asking the guy to fill the tank, I got this feeling that I had left my [bank] card at home,” she posted.

“While searching for my card, a young man washed my windscreen in the meantime. After a search, I told him I couldn’t find my card and would not be able to fill up.

“He then told me: ‘Ma’am you can’t run out of petrol on the N2. I’ll throw in R100 and then you can just bring back my R100 whenever you are near again.'”

Paid with his own card

“Before I could even reply, he had started putting petrol in the tank and paid with his own card. He didn’t ask for my name or number – he just told me to drive safely.

“When I returned to pay back the money, I asked him why he had helped me and why he had trusted me to pay him back. He replied: ‘Ma’am, I am a believer,'” she said.

Van Deventer thanked the man, Nkosikho Mbele, for his gesture.

“Today you gave me hope for our country. May you be blessed!” she wrote.

By Friday morning, Van Deventer’s post had been shared 38 000 times and received 14 000 comments.

Malcolm Blanchard wrote: “Within each of us, there is good. We just need to know how to tap into it. What a generous soul. What an amazing example.”

Anita Kruger wrote: “Awesome story. You are a wonderful person Nkosikho and you will be blessed.”


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