Girl, others injured in Bonteheuwel gang shooting: “Gangster from the Funky Gang has been shot, as well as his girlfriend,”


The was a bloody crossfire by an alleged gang following an apparent gang-related shooting in Bonteheuwel over the weekend, authorities have said.

“An alleged gangster from the Funky Gang has been shot, as well as his girlfriend,” ward councillor Angus McKenzie responded about  the incident which took place in Firethorn Street on Saturday evening.

According to McKenzie, four people were shot and injured.

However, on Sunday, Western Cape police said that three people were injured during the shooting.

“A 28-year-old male and two females, one aged 15, were shot and wounded by unknown suspects who are yet to be arrested,” said Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut, Western Cape police spokesperson.

He said the shooters fled in a white VW Polo. Anyone with information was urged to contact the police.

The injured were recovering in hospital, said Traut.

On Wednesday, a woman was shot in the stomach in Bonteheuwel after she got caught in a crossfire believed to be linked to gang rivalry over drug sales.

“It is completely out of control. The community is reeling at the moment,” McKenzie noted.

The latest shooting is the fourth in a week in the troubled suburb east of Cape Town.

According to McKenzie:

Last Sunday night three people were shot in a drive-by shooting. One person was killed, one was shot in the stomach and one in the leg;
Monday was “quiet”;
On Tuesday morning 40 shots rang out but no fatalities were reported. In the evening, more shots were heard and one person was found to have been shot in the stomach, and two people in the leg;
On Wednesday morning the young woman was shot.
He said the shooting took place near a primary school where children, staff and parents congregate for drop-offs and pick-ups. A reading centre for young children has already been closed because of safety concerns.

“The shooting is happening in broad daylight,” he said.

“It is purely gang-related shootings. It boils down to a war of drug turf. It is one gang versus the next gang to be able to sell drugs.”

According to McKenzie, Bonteheuwel only has a satellite police station where a constable confirms affidavits. This means police have to rush over from the Bishop Lavis police station whenever there is an incident, and are not able to keep up regular patrols.

The Bishop Lavis precinct’s policing area is vast and includes Bonteheuwel, Montana, Valhalla Park and Charlesville.

McKenzie said that in addition to a dedicated police station for Bonteheuwel, part of the solution to the violence would be for Crime Intelligence find out who was causing the gang instability.


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