Great Women Who Tower Over Weak Men!


Great Women Who Tower Over Weak Men!

You can love her or you could hate her, but the truth remains:

There is not a single Woman in South Africa who has served her country and indeed fought for the end of two Apartheid regimes (National Party and the ANC) as she has.

There is not a single Woman who has United all South Africans, gave them an alternative from the ANC and illustrated the fruit of this alternative by actually running the most successful province/city in Africa.

Yes, her own party ultimately threw her under the bus (as it traditionally does with all its prominent and competent Women) for confronting the uncomfortable Truth. Just so that they may get burnt political brownies from racist, murderous radicals who are more than willing to turn our country into another failed Zimbabwe, if they don’t manage to transform it into a Venezuela.

Thing is, those who hate this Woman, mostly cannot stand a Woman who is not afraid to think for herself, execute her thoughts into tremendous success and still be bold enough to think out of the box at the risk of being sealed back into one in order to look “democratic”.

To this day, her successor – a weak, delusional, inconsistent, visionless, incompetent, racist, ineffective Black Man whom no one respects; is still struggling very hard to Unite a Party that she successfully built on her back, with real ANC devil’s trembling at the sound of her raspy voice.

[Do] You think ANC/EFF/BLF devil’s shiver at the sound of Musi’s pretentious voice? You think anyone cares about what Musi has to say or think, even to himself?

Of course not! He is a nobody who took this Woman’s work and casted it unto pigs who are more than ready to devour its precious pearls before exercising their worth.

Which really begs the question as to how the DA [mis]treats it’s effective, powerful women.

Each and every woman who has ever been of note, has been handcuffed and ducktaped by the DA. In order to give space for weak men who are better off being EFF errand boys than being real leaders of this party.

From Lindiwe Mazibuko, Helen Zille, Patricia de Lille, and now recently, Gwen Ngwenya.

They have all been crucified by their own party for doing work that DA men dismally failed to do.

Yet this Woman continues to be a true Champion of unlocking the true potential of Mzantsi.

Bathathe Helen!

They may not acknowledge you now, and this is truly because you have no peers. Yet Time has long and permanently cemented your truest worth in the hearts of all South Africans.

Continue leading this beloved Country towards the Path she deserves the most: Prosperity!


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