Heartless: puppies rescued after their ears were brutally cut off

Animal cruelty is really a serious criminal offence and carries huge penalties for offenders.

According to a disturbing report, two helpless  puppies were rescued from a house in Bloemside, Bloemfontein, during a community support project on Monday after their ears were cut off.

The Bloemfontein SPCA said it caught a 13-year-old boy “red-handed” while one puppy’s ear was being cut off.

The community support project takes place every second week.

“We go into informal settlements to go and help people with animals,” said Bloemfontein SPCA inspector Duán Matthee.

“We help these people care for them (the animals). We came across these dogs with their ears cut off.”

One of the puppies – a white German Shepherd and Labrador crossbreed – was found lying in a very dirty area behind the house.


The Bloemfontein SPCA examined the puppy and found that it was extremely malnourished and had lost both its ears. There was also a rubber band tied around its tail which caused pain.

The second puppy – a Staffy Cross dog – was found on another part of the property and one of its ears had been cut off. The puppy appeared neglected and malnourished.

“It is hard to imagine what the boy may be capable of as he grows older. Irrespective of his age, however, animal cruelty remains animal cruelty. It is a criminal offence,” Matthee said.

“It is sad and upsetting to see a 13-year-old boy doing such horrendous – and criminal – deeds. We do hope he gets help as it’s hard to imagine the pitfall of crime he may fall into as he grows up.”

Police assisted the Bloemfontein SPCA with the matter and the boy was detained.

The SPCA confiscated both dogs and took them to the vet for immediate medical attention.


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