Heavily drunk on-duty Cop leaves his gun for criminals

The police must give explanation to reckless conduct by its officers on duty. The scary scenario captured a heavily drunk cop, who drank to stupor and exposed his gun to the embrace of unscrupulous elements.

The  KZN cop is however in a serious trouble, after he was caught on camera in a terrible state. The officer, who was absolutely steaming in Pietermaritzburg, could barely hold himself together after a night on the sauce.

He was accompanied by another officer. People surrounding the police vehicle realise that the officer cannot keep his eyes open, and he slurs his speech to the point where he’s incomprehensible.

Several  passers-by made a mockery of him, urging him to exit his van and stand up. He staggers along in a bid to take a limp to rise from his passenger seat, and when he gets to his feet, the officer sway from side to side, with eyes rolling.

Similar embarrassing situations of drunk cops is rampant among cops.

Some sleep on duty while criminals steal their weapons to perpetrate crime in the society.

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