‘Help track guard who stole R4m’ : SBV appeals to the public

A serious search is still ongoing for the female security guard who stole and  absconded with R4million.

As police continue to search for a security guard who allegedly stole R4 million from the SBV cash depot at the Mall of Africa, the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric) on Tuesday said it was dealing with dozens of similar cases.

Sabric said 43 cases were reported in just the last two months.

Bathobile Mlangeni hasn’t been in seven months since she allegedly filled refuse bags with R4 million.

SBV Services said it was working closely with the police to track down the 29-year-old, but refused to divulge any further information to not jeopardise their investigation.

The company appealed to the public to assist in their search for the woman.

Meanwhile, Sabric said it received 43 reported cases such as this one, which was 13 more than this time last year.


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