Hippopotamous invade Limpopo rugby pitch

It was a dramatic sight after hippos invaded the pitch.

Players at the Letaba Rugby Club in Tzaneen, Limpopo, may have to make room for new teammates.

On Wednesday evening, a herd of hippos —including a calf — sauntered onto the rugby field as the players were packing up.

In a video uploaded onto the Far North Bulletin’s Facebook page, a group of the semiaquatic mammals can be seen shuffling across the sports field.

Joe Dreyer, editor of the Far North Bulletin, told the press that it is common to see the animals strolling around the area.

“The rugby field is located at the show grounds which are near the bank of the Letaba River,” he said.

According to Dreyer, the nocturnal animals usually come out after sunset to graze on the lush grass.



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