Hlaudi Motsoeneng launches his party manifesto at an empty stadium (Photos inside)

After loosing a court battle to have his party’s manifesto launch to be broadcasted live by the SABC,it seems the decision have in fact saved the day for the embattled national broadcaster,as Hlaudi’s

African Content Movement party launch,at Durban’s Curries Fountain Football stadium,was a damp squib affair,not worth writing home about..

After a long day in waiting for what his supporters calls “our father”, Hlaudi made a not so grand entrance,with an entourage of body guards that thwarted his un masculine physique.
If his purple attire and an over size hat didn’t reminisce something of a jester in a circus show,then I don’t know of any better clown.

His supporters,drenched in rain,waited for their Messiah with songs of praise for Hlaudi,and the disharmony of the songs and chaotic event program, added to the embarrassing stage affair,which reached its climax when the pastor who was called to the stage to bless the event,was nowhere to be found!

It took an enthusiastic one lady supporter to jump on the offer and act as a pastor,to save the day.
Then when Hlaudi took over the stage,it was the usual ” Hlaudi this”,”Hlaudi that “,as he normally address himself in the third person,which is but a sure sign of someone suffering from delusion of grandeur, if not a narcissist.

His supporters,who came with three mini buses,can be counted on two palms,as there were more empty white chairs than people.
In fact those WHITE chairs must be applauded for filling up the stadium.At least it will dawn on

Hlaudi,that not everything ” white”,is bad after all !
Nothing that Hlaudi said made any sense,but that didn’t deter his supporters from nodding their heads and punching the air with their fists,whenever they were enamoured by his speech.

The fact that the empty chairs outnumbered the supporters who were present,makes a mockery of his claim that he will be in the Union buildings,come May 8.
“ACM is not English”, Hlaudi quipped in his speech, which was good only to enduce one to sleep.
As Hlaudi went on and on,his speech reflected a man who needs help…which is none other than for the man to be locked up in a mental asylum!

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