Horrifying images of dead bodies loaded into refrigerated trucks outside New York hospitals


Horrifying footage has emerged of dead bodies being loaded onto a refrigerated truck with a forklift outside Brooklyn Hospital in New York City where 790 people have died from coronavirus and 36,000 have been infected.

The video – which was taken by a bystander from their car – shows the bodies being loaded onto a vehicle. It surfaced within hours of a nurse sharing a harrowing photograph of bodies that had been piled into a refrigerated truck to be taken away from a different hospital.

There are makeshift morgues and hospitals popping up all over New York City, the epicenter of the virus in the US, including one in Central Park.

As of Monday morning, there were 142,000 cases of coronavirus in the US and 2,500 people had died.

New York City is expecting its ‘peak’ in the next few weeks and there is a frantic race against time to prepare the already inundated hospital system for it when it comes.

While it is the epicenter now, experts including the White House’s most authoritative voice on the subject – Dr. Anthony Fauci –  say other cities will soon experience similarly distressing outbreaks.

New Orleans is expected to be the next hotspot – it currently has 1,350 cases and 73 deaths – but Fauci said on Monday he was also worried about Detroit and Los Angeles.

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The president has extended social distancing guidelines until the end of April and gave the grim prediction on Sunday that if the death toll remains under 200,000 by the time the pandemic is over, he will have done a ‘good job’.


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