Hundreds of Foreign nationals, policemen appear in court after JHB CBD raids

Following the aftermath of the incidence involving foreign nationals in South Africa,

It turned out to be a busy day at the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday as hundreds of foreign nationals appeared following raids on counterfeit goods in the CBD last week.

Ten police officers were also in the dock, on various charges including corruption related to the raids.

While inside court dockets were being sorted through, outside, various organisations were picketing outside the court against the arrests of foreign nationals.

Some were released after Home Affairs verified their documents.

The foreign nationals say their treatment in custody left much to be desired.

Those arrested were grouped according to their nationalities, appearing before several different magistrates.

At the same time, 10 police officers appeared on charges of corruption, theft and defeating the ends of justice.

The Tactical Response Team members are accused of tipping off traders ahead of the raid.

The group of officers allegedly tried to sell the counterfeit goods back to traders and the three are accused of stealing some of the fake products.

The cases against the officers have been postponed to Tuesday.

Outside the Johannesburg Magistrates Court where atleast 400 undocumented foreign nationals are expected to appear following the raids on counterfeit goods last week

after verification process by Home Affairs 2 foreign nationals were found to be on the police’s wanted list. One for domestic violence related assault common case. The 2nd for forgery and fraud.

officers are accused of theft and defeating the ends of justice. Arrested on the 9th August- after they allegedly stole a load of counterfeit goods they were meant to turn in.


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