‘I crave raw primal sex’ murder accused who killed wife cries out

The court case of accused murderer of wife is throwing up more damning revelations.

Investigation reveals the activities of the alleged murderer before the act was carried out.

The inquiry into murder accused businessman Rob Packham’s breach of his bail conditions lifted the lid on his odd behaviour, which included pestering a friend for sex.

The revelation of his request for “raw primal sex” came when the Constantia, Cape Town, man sought to discredit a mutual friend of his and his former mistress.

The friend went to the police to report Packham’s illegal attempts to contact his former lover, who is a state witness.

Through his lawyer, Ben Mathewson, Packham said the friend is a member of a swingers’ club.

According to the prosecution, the woman received two e-mails on October 14, purportedly from Packham, expressing his desire to have sex with her.

“Don’t shut me out and block me like all my so-called friends, please … I am deprived. I crave intimacy, raw primal sex … Keen? Relax, this is not about [the former mistress]. I am in a dark hole, you know this,” the first e-mail said.

The second one read: “Hi. Can we just see each other – no agenda, no pressure … I just want to connect. I won’t pester you for info re [former mistress], I understand that is a ‘no go zone’.”

Packham is accused of killing his wife, Gill, and defeating the ends of justice. He allegedly put her body in the boot of her car and set it alight at Diep Rivier railway station in February.

On Thursday, the high court in Cape Town revoked his bail after finding he had breached its conditions for the second time since his arrest in March.

He violated the conditions by trying to contact his former mistress through the mutual friend, even though he is not allowed access to communication devices.

In September, Judge Nathan Erasmus placed Packham under virtual house arrest and ordered him to hand over all his communication devices. This was after he was caught on camera delivering flowers to his former mistress’s workplace.




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