“I don’t need a degree to tell the EFF looted VBS” Steenhuisen

Following the lack of degree controversy as well as the call by the EFF, Democratic Alliance( DA) Chief Whip John Steenhuisen and the EFF experienced exchange of words at the National Assembly over his lack of a university degree.

John said the EFF are doing all that divert attention the bone on contention of the party stolen funds from the poor through the looting of VBS Mutual bank.

Steenhuisen hit back at the red berets during debate in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

He says he’s not ashamed about not having a tertiary qualification.

Steenhuisen tore into the EFF: “Whether it’s this ridiculous attack on me, or the disgustingly personal denigration of Public Enterprises]Minister Pravin Gordhan and his family, or the vile abuse the EFF have meted out to journalists who have exposed them, it is a smokescreen. A smokescreen to mask the corruption of their party and the network of patronage, and rent-seeking that resulted from the looting of VBS Bank.”

He further exposed that

he’d enrolled for a degree in law and politics, but financial and work pressures prevented him from completing it.

“You don’t need a degree to see the EFF for what it is – an elitist clique that steals from the poor and the downtrodden. We will continue to call them out.”

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