If racism is illegal in SA, why is Malema doing it?

If racism is illegal in South Africa, why is Malema doing it?

Why is Malema getting away with racism, Is he above  the law?

EFF leader Julius Malema launched repeated  stinging and racist attacks on public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan, labelling him “corrupt” and “a dog of white monopoly capital”.

“An attack on Pravin is an attack on white monopoly capital, Pravin is a dog of white monopoly capital, we must hit the dog until the owner comes out,” Malema told a huge crowd of EFF members gathered outside the venue where Gordhan was testifying before the commission of inquiry into state capture.

Apart from this incident, Malema  has never hidden his dislike for Indians and Coloureds.

Speaking at a Youth Day event at Matlosana Stadium in Klerksdorp in the North West, the firebrand politician said not all South Africans of colour suffered the same during Apartheid.

“We were not all oppressed the same. Indians had all sorts of resources Africans didn’t have, Coloureds as well. The majority of Indians are racist. I’m not saying all, I’m saying majority,” Malema told the gathering.

The EFF leader also attacked senior Indian journalists, who came to National Treasury’s Ismail Momoniat defence after party chief whip Floyd Shivambu objected to the presence of a “non-African” deputy director-general at a committee meeting, earlier in June.

“They deliberately distort what we say. I’m telling all those Indian journalists that organised a mob against us – we are not scared. You will fail. We are not made by the media – we are made by the masses of our people,” Malema added.

This is not the first time Malema has taken aim at Indians.

Speaking at the EFF’s fourth anniversary celebration in Durban in late 2017, he lamented that everything strategic, like big tenders, were given Indians, especially in Durban and KwaZulu-Natal.

“We are saying share with our [Black] people. We also want to say, here in KZN, stop ill-treating our people. They are ill-treating our people worse than the Boer Afrikaners treated our people. This is not anti-Indian, it’s the truth. They must treat our people properly,” he said at the time.

The EFF subsequently refused to apologise for the comments, saying Indians must confront their own ills and “hatred” of African people.


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