If you take the Land, by force like Zim, it won’t have value

If you take the Land, by force like Zimbabweans did not long ago. The thing is, it won’t have value. The Rand continues to weaken by the day, especially since our Failed ANC government’s plan to bailout Eskom with billions.

All credit agencies around the world (except for one) regard our currency as Junk – status. Meaning there is no more hope for Mzantsi (well, unless she ceases to support the wicked ANC
and the EFF).

Like a 24 year old Prostitute, she sold herself to the meanest Pimp – the ANC. Overseas investors have already sold a net $4.8 billion of South African equities and bonds in 2019, the most on a year-to-date basis in data going back to 1998. Our own President received R1 billion in Looted funds, while his predecessor Looted R1.4 trillion in one term. I mean, if the Country wants to burn itself down, do we then become Iceboys or Used Greasy Lollipop.


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