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Images not for sensitive viewers: Female Teacher brutally by Pupil Edenburg, Free State

It was a nightmare for the teacher turned victim of her own student. In her own words  “I’m afraid to be in front of the school room again”

How can I ever turn my back on a class to write on a blackboard?  Karin Coetzee asks – the teacher from Edenburg, Free State, who was attacked by an old pupil.

Coetzee carries the scars on her cheek, nose, lip and hand after the attack . Her minor attacker – an old pupil of hers – was jailed for two years last week.
Because he is not yet 18, he cannot be identified by law.

Coetzee is bitterly unhappy about the short sentence and scared “What happens if he is released one day? There was so much hate in him.”

The boy was in her classroom seven years ago. Grade 4, but never completed the year.
Two months before the attack, the boy threw stones at her car, and then the investigator’s car as well.

Coetzee has been issued leave, but says she fears the first school day next year. “I have to carry my medical costs and the therapy sessions for my two children myself; the co-payments come out of my pocket. And then my children still ask: “Mom, when does the guy with the long knife come back to harm us?”

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