In view of 2019, Malema promises that Whites will be safe under his leadership

In view of the outcome of 2019 elections, Julius Malema has promised that whites will be safe under his leadership.

Malema noted with regret that the current government was making people worse than before.

In an earlier interview he stated:

“What type of freedom is this that, 24 years after freedom, we are worse off than where we were during apartheid? The people want their land, the people want their wealth, they want to own, but they are let down… that which I am putting on the table is the best offer to white people: let black people own their land,” Malema said.

Parliament has initiated a constitutional review process to determine whether amendments are required to expropriate land without compensation. The EFF is pushing for all land to be owned by the state, with citizens being given long leases.

In the interview, Malema said he was hated because he pushed for equality between black and white people, but denied calling for the “slaughter of white people”.

“I have never called for their killing, at least for now. I can’t guarantee the future,” he says.

When the TRT journalist pushes him on his comments, and asks if they are not tantamount to a call for genocide, Malema says he will “never call for the slaughter of white people”.

“I am saying to you, not under my leadership will we call for the slaughter of white people. I don’t know who is coming after me. I will not speak for them, but they (white critics) are alarmist, they are cry babies, they are attention seekers. No one is going to slaughter them,” Malema said.

Malema goes on to say that farm attacks are part of the country’s crime problem and not a genocide of white people.

“We are concerned, even in the farms where black workers are killed, should we be alarmist and say there is a genocide of black workers?”, he asks.

He assured that crime will be defeated under his well planned leadership.


One thought on “In view of 2019, Malema promises that Whites will be safe under his leadership”

  1. The loudest mouth with the criminal mindset, will never ever sway our mindset of the murderess evil that spewed all the vitriolic hatred and murder threats. We Never Stole Or Expropriated land, we worked blood,sweat and tears to make things work. Not just for the Whites but all ethnic groups, being race ,creed or colour. I don’t own ANY land or property, because I was too busy freding the ” UNDERPRIVELEGED ” It’s supposed to be Xmas tomorrow. Bare cupboards, No gifts or fancy party. So After my good deed, nobody even remember’s my name.

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