Independent media journalist beaten by metro police outside Durban

A serious investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances that led to the manhandling of an Independent media journalist outside Durban.

According to report, the  Independent Media journalist was arrested and manhandled by Durban Metro Police outside the Durban City Hall while covering a protest in support of Zandile Gumede on Thursday.

Independent Media journalist, Sihle Mavuso, who works for the group’s political bureau was assaulted and apprehended by police.

Freelance journalist, Des Erasmus who captured the incident on camera said it is alleged that police did not know he was a journalist. She added that there was a lot of pushing and shoving.

Mavuso was pushed into a Metro Police vehicle parked nearby.

Erasmus said she screamed at the officers that Mavuso was a journalist but they did not listen to her.

Police spokesman, Jay Naicker in a message on a SAPS and journalist WhatsApp group said: “Colleagues, please wear your media cards around your necks so that police officer cannot claim that they did not know that you are journalists”.

Erasmus said the situation was tense.

Mavuso had not been released by police at the time of publication.

Durban Metro Police spokesperson Glen Ndlovu said he was sad to hear a journalist was arrested and it could be a result of a misunderstanding at the scene.

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