Indian residents warns Malema to stop poisoning people’s minds with anger

The barrage of continuing indictment of races by Julius Malema has met stiff criticism.

Hence, the persistent comments by Malema that the Indian community exploits domestic workers is a practice that must stop has incurred reactions from residents.. He further reiterates that Indians pay their domestic workers with food and clothing.

I have a domestic worker who gets paid a satisfactory salary and, out of the goodness of my heart, I provide lunch and teas for her. This is not part of her remuneration – it is an Indian custom of offering and sharing meals prevalent in most Indian homes, irrespective of religious beliefs or social standing.

As for clothing, my wife has offered our worker her old clothing, as she does with members of our community, family and welfare agencies. This again is not part of our agreement regarding payment. It is the spirit of charity and sharing in Indians, inculcated in us by our parents.

Politicians and certain individuals have a way of poisoning people’s minds to stir unrest and anger.

South Africa is a beautiful country that Madiba had dreams for. Alas, a few are killing that dream by going back to the past. Let’s move forward and work together in addressing race relations, economic freedom, service delivery and basic human rights for the people.


3 thoughts on “Indian residents warns Malema to stop poisoning people’s minds with anger”

  1. Johoooo wens da kon soveel geld vir al die arm wit mense wat honger het ingesamel word

  2. Some do teat their dogs more better than their employees, that is the plain truth, see security guards working at Laudium, domestic workers, gardeners.

  3. Top Dowg, you are talking crap. Most Indians DON’T HAVE DOGS!! It is part of their religion that you must not touch the inside of an animals mouth. Since dogs lick the people they love, Indians do not keep dogs. Before you make stupid comments: please check your facts. I have worked with Indian people, and they are absolutely wonderful. Perhaps the workers should take pride in what they do and not accuse people of racism if they are doing a terrible job and are reprimanded because of that.

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