It is total War: Multichoice media vs the Afrikaans community

The fight is getting heated and dramatic. It has now gone beyond the one who was banned by Multi choice Steve Hofmeyr, as the Afrikaans community have rallied round their own in solidarity.

In the  video by ‘Loving Life’ we see that Multichoice has banned Steve Hofmeyr from any further coverage on their tv network.

Talk about censorship! This after they banned his song from the South African Music Awards, ‘The Ghoema awards.” And now they are banning any content that may appear in future on their paid TV network and other brands like ‘Kyknet’.

There has been a massive outcry over this censorship and a National call for subscribers to cancel their contracts with the company.

The bann is based on their accusations that Steve Hofmeyr is racist and they are taking a stand against racism. The Afrikaans community in South Africa is deeply offended by Multichoice’s ban.


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