Jacob Zuma in tears ‘Prosecutor hates me’

In a feat of rage and emotional outburst, former South Africa president Jacob Zuma has lashed out at the lead prosecutor in his corruption case.

Zuma has accused the lead prosecutor in his corruption case of being driven by “hatred” towards him – and has attacked the National Prosecuting Authority for prosecuting him with “callousness and recklessness”.

He says in court papers that “my rights to a fair trial have been significantly infringed”.

“I believe Downer [ignored certain evidence] to magnify his deeply held belief that I should be prosecuted and convicted at all costs. It’s hard to appreciate how a prosecutor of his experience can ignore that my rights have grossly been violated by the NPA regardless of his obvious aversion towards me.”

In his final affidavit submitted to the court on Monday, Jacob Zuma complained that his treatment here meant that he could not secure a fair trial. The ex-president also bemoaned the significant delays to the trial, which he feels is not legitimate as he’s already been put in the dock for this issue alongside Schabir Shaikh.

His long-term business partner was convicted for his role in the fiasco back in 2005, but the judge did not come to the same conclusion for the man who would go on to lead the ANC.

The NPA at first missed the deadline to submit their counter-arguments to the Pietermaritzburg High Court last month. They were eventually granted a week-long extension at the start of March.

Natasha Kara is a representative for the organisation. She said the prosecution had previously written to Zuma and arms firm Thales asking for a filing deadline extension. She blamed the “voluminous nature” of papers filed by the defence but confirmed the documents were sent-off during the extension period.

According to the former leader, series of events in the past had made it glaring that the prosecutors were all out for him to tarnish his image and give a wrong impression about him.

He noted that his ordeal at the hands of the lead prosecutor is a delibrate and calculated attempt to hold him down.


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