Johannesburg in wild and deadly shootout

The deadly  shootout that took place in Johannesburg on Thursday morning was beyond shocking.

It’s alleged that an attempted robbery involving a taxi driver led to the thief meeting his untimely demise on the streets of Hillbrow.

The incident took place on the corner of Nugget and Bree Street. Gunshots were also heard on Plein Street, but these haven’t been verified. It’s thought that this incident was the only one which led to an exchange of gunfire.

The video begins with the sound of gunshots being fired from one side of the street to the other, with a group of men taking cover behind a car.

The brave woman who decided to film the drama from her apartment can be heard saying “this is wrong, he surrendered” – implying that the robber had given himself up after being caught.

However, a dozen more shots are fired in his direction. A lifeless body occupies the opposite side of the street, but the mob isn’t done there. Several more passers-by join in and began to kick the alleged offender while he’s sprawled on the ground.

The crowd eventually disperses and the video comes to an end. One eyewitness claims the shootout lasted for around 15 minutes, and felt like “100 bullets” had been fired near the taxi rank:

It’s been confirmed that one person died in the confrontation, but police are yet to establish what led to the crime. An investigation is currently underway to determine just how the situation could descend into… that.

Hillbrow remains one of the most dangerous suburbs in Johannesburg. Despite efforts to stamp out crime in the region, it still comes with its hazards. Vigilante justice is not a viable means of keeping law and order, and regardless of what the alleged thief did, no-one deserves to meet such a brutal end.


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