Just How Much Does  Cyril Get Paid Every Time He Sells Out South Africa? A must read


Just How Much Does  Cyril Get Paid Every Time He Sells Out South Africa?

In truth, (Black) South Africans are like children who need to feel the serious burns of self-inflicted harms caused by fire. Or watch the house burn down into ashes before they heed when being told not to play with fire.

Indeed, South African Blacks are no different from those misguided Black teenagers in townships, who drop out of high school just to experiment Tic, Crack or Nyaope.

So much that even after 24 years of blatant ANC failure, looting, mass murdering (Marikana, Life Esidimeni), crime, poverty, unemployment and constant loadshedding; Blacks still believe that the ANC is the party that they should vote for.

I mean, on what grounds would anyone contest the notion that Blacks have been bewitched by the ANC?

So much that if this evil party would legitimize rape (as they have legitimized open racism via failed BEE laws and as they are planning on legitimizing theft through failed Land Reform), South African Blacks would be the first to brandish Free Rape on the streets as they do with Free Land, Free Sanitary Pads and Free Education.

Which brings us to one of the most useless Black men to ever run a country in history (next to Barack Obama, Robert Mugabe), Syrupy Cyril. Not only is this man a vile devil in sheep’s clothing.

He has openly sold-out South Africans in order to become Jacob Zupta’s successor. He kept quiet for over 7 years under Zupta, knowing very well that the country was being sodomized while still smiling and cheering “Viva ANC!”

This is the name man who sent one simple email, which led to the deaths of 34 Black miners, killed by Black police under explicit instructions from a Black ANC minister of Police, under pressure from Syrupy Cyril (who was also under pressure from White mining bosses, who are responsible for his wealth); who did not want to run out of business due to a mere strike over wage increases.

[His exact words were, “The terrible events that have unfolded cannot be described as a labour dispute. They are plainly dastardly criminal and must be characterised as such. There needs to be concomitant action to address this situation.”

He had sent this email to Lonmin’s chief commercial officer, Albert Jamieson, exactly 24 hours before police fired live ammunition at the workers, killing 34 and injuring 78 others.]

Mind you, his claim to fame was him being a “formidable” leader of a trade union in the 1980’s. Decades later, he is the biggest tenderpreneur in Africa for doing nothing but warm the boardroom chairs of top White-owned mining companies (among other industries), waved his BEEE wand and voila! He became a billionaire with zero (successful) products, inventions and services attached to his name.

I mean, his own former comrades (COPE leader, the fearless Terror Lekota) has recently accused him of selling out his own ANC brothers in arms (struggle heroes) in the 1970’s, by collaborating with the racist Apartheid regime; so that he may not end up in prison.

As a consequence, the ANC’s venereal diseased political prostitutes, the Exclusively For Fools (EFF) are hastily demanding a Commission that will establish the truth of these allegations.

Oh, you mean the same way the Syrupy Cyril established a Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, leaving a horde of ANC devils being implicated. but no one has been sent to jail?

[He also admitted to receiving R500 000 from State Capturers, BOSASA, for his ANC presidential campaign. Meanwhile he is refusing the contract that his sin received for doing business with BOSASA.

This is the same man who spent R18 million for a cow, yet, like all ANC devils, claims that he is a champion of the People.]

The same Zuma established a Marikana Commission of Inquiry, which found that Syrupy Cyril’s words did lead to the deaths of 34 miners and all this man had to pay was R2 million, just to cover their funerals.

Yet again, this is Mzantsi, where Black ANC Looting devils are awarded by hungry, unthinking Blacks to continue being in government for doing nothing more than to loot, fail them and impoverish them.

Too bad that Syrupy Cyril and his natural treachery will the reason unthinking Blacks will wake from their 24 year old slumber and see him for what he truly is: Just Another Vile ANC Devil!

Vuka Mzantsi!

No One Who Is Serious About Their Own Wellbeing Sleeps For 24 Years As You Have Been Doing!


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  1. The DA is the second biggest party in the country and when you look at the parties available, they are arguably the best of a bad bunch. Malema and his cronies promote racial hatred aimed mainly at people suffering from poverty due to lack of employment. They blame white people past and present for all the hardships suffered by black people. They fuel and nurture this hatred constantly. They then constantly tell the masses that the DA is a white man’s party so they don’t care about struggling black people. This is a ploy to make sure that the DA won’t win at the polls. If anyone knows who can lead SA out of the doldrums, and stands a chance of being elected, please enlighten me and I will vote for them

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